The Yogic  education here is based totally on Patanjali yoga shastra. The main activity of the Ashram is to train and provide guidance in the practice of Patanjali's eight fold path. This includes physical, mental and spiritual training.

The admission to stay in YNA is open to all without any discrimination of caste, creed or Nationality.


On Sunday, when there is no class, all the residents may visit our Radha-Krishna Temple at Ganga Ghat at the time of Aarti, if so desired, and clean the Yoga  and Meditation Hall.

Majority of the students are from the different parts of the world & different nationality. The mode of education is English & Hindi.


Morning Bell 5:15 AM
Morning Meditation 5:30 To 6:30AM
Morning Yoga 6:45 To 8:00 AM
Breakfast 8:15 AM


Using Of WiFi In Library                                                        

9:00 To 12:00 PM

01:00 To 03:00 PM (Two Hour Only)

Lunch 12:00 Noon
Lecture 3:15 To 04:00 PM
(Questions, Answers on Yoga, Meditation & Philosophy)
Evening Tea 4:00 PM
Evening Yoga 4:30 To 5:45 PM
Evening Meditation 6:00 To 7:00 PM


Tratak class                                                   

7:15 PM

After dinner (Tuesday, Thursday & saterday)

Musical Holy Hymns 8:00 To 9:00 PM

(only on Monday & Friday)

Note : Sunday totaly closed but karma yoga, cleaning of Yoga and Meditation hall from 6:30 Am to 7:30 Am.

 Program is adjusted according to the  season by approx 10-15 minutes.